The Sheikh Ebrahim Center For Culture and Research

Client: Shaikha May al Khalifa, Minister of Culture, Kingdom of Bahrain
Language: Arabic/English
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 6.44 Minutes

Nestled in the heart of Muharraq, in Bahrain, is The Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, which opened its doors to the public in 2002.  The Center was founded by Shaikha Mai Al Khalifa as a place of dialogue with Bahraini culture.  Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa was the first intellectual to establish a cultural majlis (council) in Muharraq – the old capital of Bahrain.  The center today is a link between the past and present, setting cultural standards for the future of Bahrain and the region. The center is based around seven restored traditional Bahraini houses, each with its own individual and cultural character.  The film presents each house separately through a visual story based on an old man taking his granddaughter on a tour of the houses.  Through music and poetic imagery the houses and their individual characters come to life.

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