The Question of Arab Unity

Client: AL Jazzeera
Language: English / Arabic
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 9
Length: 24 min

In the early 20 century an independent Arab World emerged from decades of colonial rule but the race for statehood among Arab fledgling countries was soon taken over by the hasty struggle for Arab unity. Although strong divisions existed, among Arab leaders, social movements and intellectuals, concerning the meaning of unity and what practical form it should take, a consensus was emerging that an Arab association of some sort was necessary for an Arab renaissance.  The mix of anticipated independence and Arab nationalism steered efforts between Arab states towards a new regional order, one which today we call the Arab World.  But was there ever a ‘unified’ Arab World? This nine part documentary series investigates the story of the struggle for Arab unity, which is entangled with the modern history of the Middle East and steeped in conflicting ideologies, revolution, oppression, betrayal and war.

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