The Egyptian Genesis

Client: Quantum/Firehorse/Legend Films
Language: English/French
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 2
Length: 52 Minutes

A two part presenter-led documentary series based on the best-selling book ‘Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation’ by David Rohl.   Through his own archaeological research, British Egyptologist, David Rohl investigates an extraordinary and contentious theory, which attempts to explain the origins of Egyptian civilisation as coming from ancient Mesopotamia.  In the process, this spectacular documentary series provides solutions to some of the great-unsolved mysteries of ancient Egypt – astounding new discoveries, which illuminate mankind’s most tenacious legends.  David Rohl presented Pharaohs and Kings, based on his book A Test of Time – produced by Discovery Channel/CH 4 and Journey to Eden – produced by TLC/Discovery Channel.  Locations include; Iraq, Egypt, Iran, London and Paris.  The Egyptian Genesis is produced and owned by Firehorse Films and is for sale. French version bought by Canal + and Arte.

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