Sar Dawrik

Client: Lebanese Presidential Office of the First Lady
Language: Arabic
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 7 Minutes

Commissioned by Lebanon’s First Lady Mrs. Wafa’a Sleiman, the film, Sar Dawrik (It Is now Your Turn), encourages Lebanese woman to stand up for their right to enter the political arena.  The film’s protagonist is an ordinary woman going about her daily life with her family; unaware of the pressure she and millions like her are putting on the environment.  Slowly she becomes conscious that her activities, such as keeping the lights on, letting water run in the sink while brushing her teeth, using paper in her office are all damaging the environment and in turn putting the future of her family and country at risk.  She decides to present herself as a candidate at the municipal elections on an environmental platform.  The film treats these very important subjects in a humorous and approachable way, allowing the audience to identify with the protagonist and encouraging them to step up and make their voices heard.

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