Hiwar El Dar

Client: Abu Dhabi Emirates Channel
Language: Arabic
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 26
Length: 52 Minutes

Hiwar El Dar is a weekly presenter-led factual programme targeting Emiratis and Emirati youth specifically.  The program was created, designed and produced by Firehorse for the Abu Dhabi Emirates Channel.  The show is a new concept highlighting specific policies and achievements of the Abu Dhabi government by showing and discussing case studies in each episode.  The first two seasons of 26 episodes was presented by Tareq el-Zarouny, who hosted one high profile guest per show.  The studio based show allowed an audience, made-up of students, to view three case study reports and then question the guest on the subject.  Journalists from all over the Emirates were also allowed to participate through specially taped questions.  The show covered such topics as; E-Government, Communications, Transport (Airlines), Credit Facilities (funding Emirati business), Agriculture, Tourism and so on.  The show achieved very high ratings in Abu Dhabi.

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