From Dilmun to Bahrain

Client: Bahrain Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Information
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 6.25 Minutes

From Dilmun to Bahrain is a corporate film, commissioned by the Bahrain Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Information.  The film retraces the six thousand year history of Bahrain from its legendary beginnings as Gilgamesh's 'Land of Immortality', one of the oldest and most mysterious of civilizations, to the modern hub that is Bahrain today. The film promotes the Kingdom of Bahrain as an international capital of culture, shedding light on Bahrain’s civilisation rich history from the Sumerians through the Islamic renaissance to the modern economic and cultural center that it is today.  The film also highlights the fact that modern Bahrain is both preserving its ancient cultures and promoting them within a modern context.

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