Client: Dubai One Television
Language: English
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 32
Length: 26 Minutes

Emirati is a presenter-led culture show for Dubai One television.  Through Emirati our audience, both local and expat, will see their environment from a completely new perspective, wanting to discover or re-discover the roots of their country.  Through a young and adventurous presenter, each episode seeks to reveal several facets of modern or traditional Emirati culture.  The presenter asks questions and finds out information on behalf of the audiences. The second season of Emirati takes the audience on a journey through the Emirates to discover Emirati Culture, and what it means to be Emirati through the eyes of the people that make up the United Arab Emirates.  In Emirati season 2 we meet a vast array of personalities, young and old, from those who are at the pinnacle of their careers to up and coming entrepreneurs to people who have overcome challenges and have interesting stories to tell.  Emirati represents what it means to be an Emirati.

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