Ellen: What answer to terrorism?

Client: Article Z (France), France 2, LBCI, Worldlink (USA), SBS (Australia), CBC (Canada) and Firehorse Films
Language: French/English/Arabic
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 52 Minutes

Ellen Saracini’s husband was the pilot of the plane, which crashed into the South Tower in the 9-11 attack on New York.  This documentary film investigates the post 9-11 airline safety programmes and what measures are being taken to prevent terrorism in the world.  Filming took place in New York with Ellen and with a Palestinian woman in a refugee camp in Lebanon, who had lost her family, as well as an Iraqi woman who lost everything due to two Gulf wars and 12 years of sanctions.  The three women communicated with each other via satellite.

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