East and West

Client: Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI)
Language: Arabic
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 2.5 Hours

East-West is a 2.5 hour special current affairs talk show with host Marcel Ghanem (for LBCI Lebanon Satellite).  The show was broadcast live between New York and Beirut in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington.  Special guests in New York included State Senator Marty Golden, Paul Reickhoff, Jeremy Glick, John Alpert, Paul Miller, Louis Gelormino, William Vendley, Aaron O’connell, Kerry Picket and Anton Srdanovic.  The Beirut panel included Dr. Khalil El Khalil from Saudi Arabia, Fouad Hussein from Jordan, Issam Sultan from Egypt, Magid Hadab from Iraq, Katia Srour from Lebanon, Rami Abou Hamdi from Palestine, Tarek Haji from Algeria, Khaled Msalmeh from Syria, Bouchra El Khalil from Lebanon, Abou Bakr Al Saddik from Sudan, Mouhanad Ghaleb Bin Hani from Jordan.  The panel of 20 (10 in New York and 10 in Beirut) conducted a lively debate on East-West relations.  The show took the Arab World by storm.

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