Dr. Chef

Client: MBC4
Language: Arabic
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 80
Length: 52 Minutes

Dr. Chef is the first originally produced lifestyle show of its kind for MBC4.  Firehorse created, developed and produced the format for the show.  Dr. Chef tackles family matters and overall well-being in a fresh and inspirational way.  The beneficial property of the show provides the viewer with curative and critical information allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. Dr. Chef stars three professionals; a Saudi doctor, a Saudi Chef and an Egyptian Nutritionist and hosts expert guests in each episode.  The three presenters discuss, cook and present, in a lively setting, the latest information and expertise surrounding family well-being.  They tackle many issues including; cooking, diet, food safety, medical problems, social situations, work environments, psychology, fitness as well as recommending new websites and applications, innovations and technology.  Dr. Chef is an informative and entertaining hour targeting the 15-35 age group.  Dr. Chef achieved excellent ratings for the channel.

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