Beyt El Yek (Cornered)

Client: Future News Television
Language: Arabic
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 73
Length: 52 Minutes

Beyt El Yek is a political debate show with a twist; in each episode two guests debate an issue in front of an audience with only 60 seconds to answer the questions posed by the host.  This tension in the programme is created because the participants’ inability to embellish or avoid the question.  There are several levels in each show which one participant has to win to go to the next level.  The participant with most points wins the debate.  An introductory report on the subject sets the scene, followed by a question and answer session in which the guests have one minute to answer the host, followed by section called ‘Meet The Press’ where the participants have to analyse news reports on the subject, followed by a hypothetical scenario set by the host, which the guests must complete.  The show concludes with a free minute to each guest in which they get to say whatever they want on the subject.  Beyt El Yek is a political format created and wholly owned by Firehorse.

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