Bechara Nammour; in one word or three

Client: Bechara Nammour
Language: English
Number of Episodes: 1
Length: 11 Minutes

‘Bechara Nammour: In one word or three’, is a short biography on the life and times of the irrepressible Bechara Nammour, who single handedly in the 1990’s put Lebanese social life onto the map.  His flair for opening restaurants and hotels, which are unique was unparalleled in Lebanon and the region.  The film was commissioned by Mr Nammour to be shown at the Nayla Mouawad Foundation dinner given in his honour in November 2011 in Washington DC.  The film is based on several interviews with leading personalities in Lebanon who each talk about one aspect of Bechara Nammour’s life or personality.

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