Monday 20 July 2015 – Firehorse Archive announces the appointment of Paul Maidment of Kite Media, the learning and media consultancy working in the online video content market as our strategy and business development advisor. Under the arrangement, Kite Media will work closely with our management team and advise on three key areas: content management, licensing and distribution and global business development.

Firehorse Archive is a unique resource for filmmakers requiring raw video clips of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Company directors, Mouna Mounayer and Najat Rizk said, ‘our company Firehorse Films has been making internationally recognised programmes on the Arab world and the Middle East for 22 years. We realised from the beginning that we had unrivalled footage of the region and four years ago we began the process of creating a clip sales arm.’ The archive, which continues to grow, has unique, footage of life in the Arab world and the Middle East covering all aspects of this fascinating region. For the first time this material will be made accessible to, amongst others, the production, creative, corporate and education markets.

On the hiring of Kite Media, Mouna and Najat commented: ‘We built up an archive of thousands of hours of high quality material, which tells the story of what it means to live in this part of the world in the 21st century. Our exclusive video content covers the regions’ rich cultural heritage with its history and traditions but critically we also have material that reflects inner conflicts and the often-turbulent nature of the areas politics. We found ourselves at something of a crossroads where we are all set to show this collection to the outside world but we felt we needed someone with experience to guide us – Paul was the ideal person. He brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has hands-on experience in the telecoms, technology and archive video markets including over 20 years at the BBC’s commercial arm, where he was head of BBC Motion Gallery and BBC Worldwide Learning, licensing digital video content to the media industry.’

Paul Maidment, Director of Kite Media is excited about the opportunity: ‘Having previously worked in the archive industry for almost 10 years I’ve seen any number of video collections but the Firehorse Archive represents a fantastic opportunity to develop a solid production business and take some not-often seen material to the wider world. I wanted to get involved and am delighted that Mouna and Najat have appointed Kite Media. It will be key to find the right partners in technology and sales, and then help give direction to the team to foster growth.’

For further information, please contact:
Mouna Mounayer – Partner, Head of Archive
Email –
Tel – 00961 1 493526

FA facebook logoFirehorse Archive is part of Firehorse Films, a Lebanese production company voted in 2012 by Harvard Business School’s AllWorld Programme as the second fastest growing company in Lebanon. Established in 1993, Firehorse Films pioneered the documentary and factual entertainment strands in the Arab region by making successful and internationally recognised programmes on all aspects of life, society, environment, religion and politics from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The ethos at Firehorse has always been to create finely crafted visual narratives in their programmes and this is reflected in their unique footage archive. Go to or for more information and to view programmes or video clips. Their tagline, “Screens worth watching. Footage worth buying” says it all.

3869 KMlogo-FINAL Kite Media Limited is a London-based company that provides consultancy services to the digital media, corporate, production and learning markets. Kite Media was set up by Paul Maidment, formerly a Director at BBC Worldwide, in December 2014 with the aim of offering commercial advice to those companies seeking to produce, curate, digitise, distribute or licence video-based content.

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