Broadcast Programmes

Television worth watching

Firehorse is a member of the Quantum Group family, one of the Middle East's leading independent television production companies with an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality, popular and innovative programmes. We employ top Arab talent and commission leading programme makers to create and produce television formats. We produce all genres of Factual Entertainment for Arab broadcasters.  In the last decade Firehorse has created, written and produced over 1045 hours of television programmes viewed by millions across the world.

Corporate Films

Communication worth considering

Firehorse is a Corporate Film Communication specialist, with over two decades of experience in interpreting the vision, values, mission statements, goals and corporate messages expressed by our clients to their employees, stakeholders, government, clients and the general public.  Firehorse has an Arab wide client base spanning governments, multi-nationals, corporations, NGOs and individuals.

Footage Archive

Images worth buying

Firehorse has one of the largest independent footage archives in the Middle East with thousands of clips of raw footage, both SD and HD, spanning the Arab region as well as over 20 countries in Europe,  Asia and the USA.  Our categories of footage include; Arab society, culture, architecture, lifestyle, religions, landscape, aerial footage, history and archaeology.